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Devil in Dorian who? 
Four-piece based in Birmingham, UK

Devil in Dorian kicked off in April 2016, Ren , Klee, Dan and Steve all met over expensively perfect coffee and a Jack Daniels,

With (probably) the largest collection of eyeliner, reptiles and hair dye known to man, typical emotional chapters of general life were forced into scratchy grooves, and not being able to solve all world problems instead lead to scribbling it all into a few notebooks, which eventually turned into music. 

Lyrically, this is all about showcasing the darker side...revealing the darker truths...storytelling with some attitude...whilst enjoying a satisfying bit of headbang whiplash the day after the night before.  

DiD released their first single, "Don't Waste My Time" in 2016. 

Female fronted rock, new music from Devil in Dorian, Ren Byers, Klee Jane, Dan Freeman and Steve Jones
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Tattoo Apprentice at Queen of Hearts / Coventry

Likes:  Travelling, Art, 80's Nostalgia, Dystopian Fashion & Films, Ben & Jerry's

Dislikes:  Being cold

Drinks: Amaretto and coke, and matcha latte

Spare time:  Illustration, taekwondo

Go to music: HIM, Rob Zombie, Skindred, Fat Freddy's Drop or any spaced instrumental.

Go to TV:  GoT, The Walking Dead, Community, Rick & Morty, Friends, Ru Paul

Band describes me as:

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Tattoo Apprentice at Nala / Tamworth

Likes:  Space, hair dye, Chinese food, Tattoos, Tim Minchin

Dislikes:  Really long films, the M42

Drinks: Coffee, gin

Spare time: Illustration, archery

Go to music: Queen, Gojira, Pantera, OTEP, Skindred, Sumo Cyco

Go to TV:   GoT, The Walking Dead, Planet Earth, Only Fools and Horses, Ru Paul

Band describes me as:


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Podcast Presenter: Reptile 'n' Chill 

Likes: Sneks, beard maintenance 


Drinks:  Bombay sapphire gin 

Spare time: Herpetology

Go to music:  Phil Collins, Rammstein, 

Go to TV:  Trailer Park Boys

Band describe me as:  The boss, 

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Likes: Marvel


Drinks:  Parlay spiced rum, Ciroc vodka

Spare time:  Gym, rugby

Go to music: Skrillex, Steel Panther

Go to TV:  Supernatural, Power, Lucifer

Band describe me as: The jokester, 

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